Established in 1999 with a solid vision and a dynamic workforce, Apotiposis boasts a vast experience in the field of topographical studies, with an emphasis on special surveys. A topographical study is the first and most important stage for the design and implementation of any infrastructure project and this is why the company has heavily invested in both its human resources and the latest technologies.

The Topographical Engineers of Apotiposis are highly skilled and possess extensive experience in topographical and road construction studies, in topographical diagrams drafting, buildings and special constructions surveying, as well as in providing full support to construction sites. The multilevel specialization of the personnel and the state-of-the-art equipment combined with the provision of reliable services in affordable prices make the technical company Apotiposis the ideal partner for any topographic project.

Apotiposis offers the following services:

• Topographical studies

• Special surveys

• Topographical diagrams

• Road construction surveys

• Engineering surveys

• Construction site support

Today, Apotiposis, having successfully completed a plethora of infrastructure projects in the private and the public domain, can undertake any kind of topographic project, as well as support the implementation of any construction project. As of 2011, the company has relocated to its brand new offices in the suburb of Halandri, in Athens Greece.

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